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When does the Lawn Care Season start around Morristown NJ

At Anthony Agudelo Landscaping we usually start the lawn service season March first as long there is no snow in the ground or a prediction of an arriving storm, the spring cleanup is our first service for lawn maintenance and possible application of fertilizer and crabgrass pre-emergent if there is not a need of seeding bare spots in the lawn and also the application of weed preventers in the shrubs and flower beds

For a longer description of what should be done at the spring cleanup please search our post “Spring Cleanup Steps”, and remember that if you have questions you can write to us or call 973-895-7725

Basic Lawn Care Program

A basic lawn care program for Morris county should include:

– Fertilizer with small quantity of nitrogen in the spring if the lawn is going to get several applications during the growing season, if it is only getting 1 or 2 then we should wait to the fall to do it.

– Crabgrass preventer one or twice depending on the severity of the problem the previous year.

– Broad leaf weed control should be done early in the season because once the temperature goes above 85 degrees there is the risk of harming the lawn.

– lime application to correct the PH in the soil to maintain it near 6.5

– Insect control for surface feeding insects like chinch bugs and for root feeding insects like grubs

– Fungus control would only be suggested in a curative basis since it has to do a lot with the weather conditions because in order for it to occur 3 factors have to be present, a susceptible plant, the presence of the infection and the right weather conditions for the disease to spread.

The only other factor that comes to mind is the mowing height and frequency and I would like to say the higher the length of the grass blades the better for the plant because it will allow for a better photosynthesis, it will shade the crabgrass in its early stages and slow down its growth and will stand a better chance in hot conditions because it has a deeper root system.