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Lawn service Morristown

Lawn Service Morristown Nj

The basic lawn service program forMorristown should include the following services:

Spring cleanup done  March or April depending on weather conditions

Lawn service weekly- Mowing, String trimming, Edging of walkways and curbs every other week, blowing driveway, walkways, patios, decks April to end of September

Fall cleanups every other week blowing leaves from grass areas, beds, driveway, walkways, patios, decks October & November

Pruning to shape hedges, ornamental grasses, remove dead branches, old growth, cut back perennials, rejuvenate fast growing plants

Bed maintenance should be done on a regular basis to protect your investment in plants and mulch to control weeds, maintain plant health

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Lawn service cost in Morristown ?

How much does lawn service cost in Morristown NJ depends on what is included, for us is mowing, edging and cleanup on a weekly basis.

The cost depends mainly on size, but factors like a fence, hills, trees are important also.

A weekly lawn service in for a small lawn will cost you less $1000.00 per the mowing season.

Other important service that should be done on a regular basis is the weeding of the shrub and flower beds, patios, driveway, curb.

Lawn Service Morristown Nj

Lawn Spring Cleanup Steps

Morristown & Randolph Nj

A lawn spring cleanup should be:

Done early in the season so if there are any bare or thin areas in the lawn grass seed and a very light fertilizer application could be done, giving it time to germinate before a crabgrass preventer has to be put down.

It is the time to cut back perennials, ornamental grasses, dead or broken branches, if the ground is not frozen split perennials, move any plants to its new location and might also be a time to cut back overgrown plants if you know their flowering cycle.
It is also the perfect time to apply a weed pre-emergent in the shrubs and flower beds so you get them before they germinate in the up coming season.

Finally after everything has been cleaned then it is time for mulching this way  weeds do not get a chance to germinate.