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Anthony Agudelo Lawn care

How much does lawn care cost in Morristown & Randolph NJ

How much does lawn care cost for an annual package in the area of Morristown & Randolph Nj is going to depend on several factors being the most important the total square footage of your lawn area, the access of the equipment, the location of your property.

At Anthony Agudelo Landscaping we want to help you make the distinction between lawn maintenance and lawn care.

Lawn care is the applications of fertilizer, control of weeds & insects and so on.

The cost for a small yard will start at $300.00 a medium size lot $600.00 and a large lot $1000.00

Finally price also depends on the number of treatments done in a season.

Are grub control, lime application part of the package or are they additional cost ?

Lawn Care