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They do what they say they’re going to do, when they said they would do it, and then some! Anthony is a pleasant person who is very knowledgeable in his field. Equally important, he is a straight shooter and follows through on his commitments. We use Anthony for our landscaping and snowplowing needs. Our property requires some special attention due to its contour. In the past, this necessitated constant reminders. With Anthony we were able to explain once and the job was done correctly every time after that. The snowplowing team is simply amazing! Our driveway requires a skilled driver and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Bottom line, if you want a professional team that is reasonably priced and client driven, I strongly suggest you get in touch with Anthony.

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Thank for your interest in our reoccurring maintenance services, even though we have been in business for over 31 years our company is a small family run organization our president Anthony and a few members of his family oversee every one of our accounts, to sustain the highest level of service that our clients expect and we demand for ourselves it is necessary that we limit the number of maintenance clients that we serve.
The typical client of ours invest near $ 4,000  in the reoccurring services like cleanups, weekly mowing, lawn fertilization, weed & insect control, shrubs pruning and keeping in mind that services like mulching, plant replacements, flowers are not part of this budget. We respectfully wanted to share this with you so you could determine if this investment meets your expectations, noting that once we evaluate the size of your property and your needs the actual price could be lower or higher.
If the anticipated investment is within your expectations let’s  schedule a call when it is convenient for you, we would like to set a time  to see how Anthony Agudelo Landscaping could be of service to you, If you were seeking a lower cost option please give us your contact information and we will pass it to our network of friendly contractors that might be able to help you.

In our opinion these are the basic services that should be performed on an annual basis :

Our Lawn Care New Vernon  Applications Program includes:
Slow release fertilizer with organic matter
Pre-emergent for crabgrass control and other grassy weeds
Post emergent control of weeds like clover, dandelions and grassy weeds
Insect control for chinch bugs and grubs and others

Aeration and over-seeding is an important practice to maintain a thick, weed free lawn, the plugs pulled by the aerator loosens compacted soil consequently allows air, water and nutrients to get into the soil which in turns encourages deeper and healthier roots

Mosquitos in addition of  being very nuisance they can carry many serious diseases, also they take away the fun of your being outdoors, we offer a treatment that in addition of being safe and effective it is also an organic product

Lawn Care New Vernon – Lawn Services – Lawn Maintenance:

Spring cleanup is done  March or April depending on weather conditions
Lawn service weekly- Mowing, String trimming, Edging of walkways and curbs every other week, blowing driveway, walkways, patios, decks April to end of September
Fall cleanups every other week blowing leaves from grass areas, beds, driveway, walkways, patios, decks October & November
Pruning to shape hedges, ornamental grasses, remove dead branches, old growth, cut back perennials, rejuvenate fast growing plants

Bed maintenance should be done on a regular basis to protect your investment in plants and mulch to control weeds, maintain plant health

Mulch is one of the most effective ways to enhance and promote a healthy  landscape since not only looks good but it also  keep weeds down, prevents the evaporation of water therefore it becomes available to plant roots and prevents erosion


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