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Anthony Agudelo Lawn care for Morristown & Randolph NJ

Looking For A Job?


Do you want to be part of a expanding company with lots of room for advancement?
Do you want to work with a team of superstars and no under-performers?
Do you want to be appreciated and recognized for your work?
Do you want to be (highly) compensated based on your performance?
Do you want 3 winter months to work part time and improve your skills and still make a whole year’s earnings?
Do you have a history of outstanding job performance?
Will your previous employers have good things to say about you?

If you answered yes to all these questions we would really like to hear from you.

Anthony Agudelo Lawn Care of Randolph, NJ is expanding! We have several opportunities for the upcoming season which begins in mid March.
If all of the following statements are true then we want to hear from you:
– You are a happy person.
– REALLY hard physical work doesn’t scare you.
– Long hot or cold days don’t scare you.
– We work with equipment and tools every day.
– You want a career that has a future and room for advancement.
– You want to make enough money in 9 months and improve your skills the other 3 so you can make more money the following season.
– You’re teachable AND coachable.

If ANY of the following statements are true then we DO NOT want to hear from you:
– You are an UN-Happy person.
– REALLY hard work makes you cry.
– You have attitude/negativity/ego problems.
– You smoke, do drugs, or are a big partier.

Here is what this career is:
You will start as a service technician with the goal of quickly becoming a crew manager.
Once you are competent as a service technician you will be trained to be a crew manager and trained to manage other team members.
You will be trained to properly drive our trucks and trailers, do maintenance of lawn, shrubs, trees and snow plowing in the winter for our residential & commercial customers and supervise others.
We offer online training to get you up to speed before you ever set foot on a real job site. You’ll learn our culture, job site safety, customer interaction, how to up-sell and get an overview of our entire system and processes. Our training is designed to help you excel and move up in our company quickly.
If you have experience we will start you as a crew manager. If you have limited or no experience we will start you out on hourly pay and give you increases as your training progresses.
If you are a top performer and a really great fit with our company then you will be promoted next season to a trainer.
Our Trainers earn $40,000.00 to $50,000.00 per season. They are VERY detail oriented. They love their jobs. They love this company. They work very hard but get to work outside every day without someone standing over their shoulders.
If any of this sounds like a good fit for you then please read very carefully. Do not reply to this ad yet. First call 1-862-849-0116 to apply: Most people will not follow this instruction because they are not detail oriented and will not read this entire job post.

1. Leave your phone number.
2. State your name then spell it slowly and clearly.
3. Talk to us for a couple of minutes about who you are, your hobbies, your work ethic, describe your current job, tell us about the best place you ever worked and why it was the best. Do you play any team sports, tell us anything you think we should know about you that would help us make a decision to interview you.
If you don’t call you won’t be considered for the position. Are you the one we want to hire next?

P.S.S. We have a very selected group of high end customers.
P.S.S.S. We provide our clients an excellent service.
P.S.S.S.S. We take care of our staff. They become family.
P.S.S.S.S.S. This is a ridiculous amount of P.S.’s
(Must be able to lift over 100 lbs. easily and use outdoor equipment safely.)
((We love men, women, short, tall, black, white and everything in between. If YOU are the right person it will not be because of your age, race, or gender! :))
Thanks for applying and if you sound like someone that would be a good fit for our team we will call you at the number you provided and let you know we want to see your resume.
Job Type: Full-time
Salary: $40,000.00 to $50,000.00 /year

How many years of landscape Construction experience do you have?
How many years of Lawn Service experience do you have?
Do you have the following license or certification: NJ driver license with clean record?
Do you have the following license or certification: Pesticide Applicator?
Are you in Township of Randolph, NJ 07869?
Do you speak Spanish & English Fluently?
Are you able to commute to this job’s location?
When are you available to start this job?