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Commercial Snow Morristown NJ

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Landscaping Morristown Nj

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New Jersey based Anthony Agudelo Landscaping has been providing Snow Removal, Landscaping & Lawn Care services in Morristown, New vernon, Harding Twp, Randolph, NJ since 1987.

After arriving from his native country Colombia and working very hard as a young immigrant doing all kinds of jobs, Mr. Agudelo was able to save enough money to buy the necessary equipment to start  his lawn care & landscaping services. Mr. Agudelo and his brother acquired the desire to own a business and the love for plants from their mother who owned a grocery store for many years  and in her spare time would  find joy starting  a new plant on any empty container she could find and still does.

His dedication to excellence set his company, AAL, apart from others. Mr. Agudelo is committed to staying current in his industry by attending CCM after starting his business and taking winter classes at Rutgers University to improve all aspects of the business such as estimating, landscape maintenance, and organic land care. Mr. Agudelo wants to have you as a customer for life and by the way his company even today has a few of the first customers that gave him a try to his service back in 1987, his goal is to provide you a cost effective maintenance program for your property. He will continue to learn and try to have one of the best landscaping companies in the community.

AAL carries all the necessary insurance and licenses such as:

NJ DEP pesticide applicator and operators License

Home Improvement License

Fertilizer applicator and operators License

General liability insurance

Workers compensation insurance

Pesticide and herbicide applicator insurance

Current Board member of NJLCA

​Rutgers Organic lawn care Certificate

Nj Turfgrast Association

Accredited Snow Contractor Association

NJ Farm Bureau

Snow & Ice Management Association

National Association of Landscape Professionals

Gardener News

NJ Plants

Jersey Fresh

One Call

Morris County Rutgers Extension Service

We want you to be 100%  satisfied with our  Snow Removal & Lawn Care Services. Absolutely delighted that you will recommend us to your neighbors and friends. If our work is not to your satisfaction, we will re-do the item in question for FREE. And if you still are not satisfied you owe us nothing for the service. Totally Satisfied or Free


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Weekly Service, Weed Control, Fertilization, Shrub Maintenance, Cleanups Spring & Fall, Aeration+Seed, Pruning, Mosquito Control
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Snow Removal

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Morristown NJ        New vernon NJ          Randolph NJ                      

We are Snow Removal Contractors offering Commercial and Residential snow plowing services for nearly 30 years in Morristown and neighboring towns. We are the first snow removal company in the area to offer a unique Seasonal Snow Plowing Agreement, designed to protect you from excessive fees in the event of a mild winter. Contact us to learn more!

 Our residential Snow Plowing service is a seasonal commitment for the winter months, and it is charged by the push with a minimum deposit or a seasonal at a discounted price starting at $ 600.00 for small driveways including shoveling garage doors and the main entrance to the house, We are sorry but can not provide one-time snow services.

Our Snow Removal Experience **

Anthony Agudelo Landscaping has been a Snow Plowing Contractor since 1987. We are a perfect match for anyone in need of a very reliable local service for snow removal for parking lots in Morristown especially areas around the Green, South St, Washington St, Maple Ave, and Elm St. With our 24/7/365 service, we make sure your parking lot is safe at all times!

Services include:
Commercial & Residential Snow Plowing
Snow & Ice Melting
Anti-icing- Pre-salting
Walk-way, stoops shoveled 
Trucks / Tractors available for large jobs
Snow loading & hauling off site
Parking lot garage & deck snow removal

When you compare our service to any other snow plowing contractor in Morristown make sure they do these things also:
-Their residential snow plowing service also includes shoveling snow for the main entrance to the house and garage doors.
-Come before the winter and mark your property with a reflector that allows the crews to know where Not to place snow.
-They advise you by email of what is coming and what plan they created to attack the storm depending on the time of day.
-They have more than one crew working in town so they have a backup in case something goes wrong.
-They have salting trucks loaded all the time so it will not take them 3 hours to come and salt your place if you call them.
-They pay a private snow weather service to advise them of what is coming and when it is ending.
-That a person is going to take the message when you call the main number 24/7.
-That you will get a bill after each storm so errors are corrected right away.
-That you can have your service in autopilot meaning get and email with the bill and charging your credit for the services.
-We can tailor our snow seasonal service to fit your needs, like waiting until the storm ends, passing by every 6 inches or every 3 inches of snow accumulation.


Lawn Care – Fertilizer – Weed Control

Lawn Care – Fertilizer – Weed control :

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Our Lawn Care Program includes:
Slow release fertilizer with organic matter
Pre-emergent for crabgrass control and other grassy weeds
Post emergent control of weeds like clover, dandelions and grassy weeds
Insect control for chinch bugs and grubs and others

Aeration and over-seeding is an important practice to maintain a thick, weed free lawn, the plugs pulled by the aerator loosens compacted soil consequently allows air, water and nutrients to get into the soil which in turns encourages deeper and healthier roots

Mosquitos in addition of  being very nuisance they can carry many serious diseases, also they take away the fun of your being outdoors, we offer a treatment that in addition of being safe and effective it is also an organic product

Morristown NJ               New vernon NJ              Randolph NJ

 Lawn Services – Lawn Maintenance:
Spring cleanup is done  March or April depending on weather conditions
Lawn service weekly- Mowing, String trimming, Edging of walkways and curbs every other week, blowing driveway, walkways, patios, decks April to end of September
Fall cleanups every other week blowing leaves from grass areas, beds, driveway, walkways, patios, decks October & November
Pruning to shape hedges, ornamental grasses, remove dead branches, old growth, cut back perennials, rejuvenate fast growing plants

Bed maintenance should be done on a regular basis to protect your investment in plants and mulch to control weeds, maintain plant health

Mulch is one of the most effective ways to enhance and promote a healthy  landscape since not only looks good but it also  keep weeds down, prevents the evaporation of water therefore it becomes available to plant roots and prevents erosion


Landscaping Services

Landscaping Morristown NJ

Landscaping Service Morristown, Nj

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Anthony Agudelo Landscaping can help you with your one-time or repetitive Landscaping needs if your property is located Morristown, New vernon, Harding, Mendham, Randolph Morris County NJ or in the neighboring towns, we have 30 years of experience and manpower to do




Sod Installation

Cleanups and Repairs of  Paver Patio or Walls

fall & Holidays decorations.


Anthony Agudelo Landscaping Holiday Decorations


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